Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mayan King Yax K'uk Mo' and His Famous "Goggles"

     Yax K'uk Mo' (pronounced `Yash Kook Mo') was the founder and first king of the dynasty that ruled the Maya city of Copan for 350 years. Known formally by his royal name, K'inich Yax K'uk Mo', he reigned for eleven years from 426-437 CE. His name has been translated as, "Radiant First Quetzal Macaw," "Sun-Eyed Green Macaw," and "Sun In The Mouth of the Quetzal Bird." The different interpretations of his name are picked from the various theories regarding his origins. He was not native to Copan. All that is clearly known is that a man named K'uk Mo' Ajaw came from some place distant from Copan in 416 CE, took part in some kind of military action, and became king in 426 CE.
     The "goggles," which some have speculated are proof of ancient alien activity in the rise of the Mayan civilization. these "goggles," are not eye protection but, rather, part of the king's ceremonial headdress. This decoration over the eyes may have represented the ruler's separation from the common people and association with the penetrating gaze of the gods.

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