Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Crossing Borders" Presentation

     At the end of the session and watching the second video I learned that people in today’s society in America still have trouble communicating to people outside the country and need to learn how to listen and act upon their feelings to understand each other and come to a meeting point to satisfy their needs.
      The moments where students went on the microphone and told the stereotypes that they didn’t agree with touched me in many ways due to certain stereotypes that are also placed on me for being Italian, but I have learned to just laugh and brush it off to make people feel good and show it doesn’t affect or discomfort me.
      My stereotypes are usually light, including "all Italians do is eat pasta, and drink wine," but there are some others that people say which don’t really make sense, such as when they say, all Italians are metrosexuals/gay due to the way they dress and act. When people say this I know they haven’t been to Italy and haven’t spent time with Italians so they go off of what they hear from their peers. Some stereotypes that I agree with would be that all Italians play soccer, and they live in a beautiful country. Also being an Italian in America usually gives people an automatic liking to me if they aren’t judging because most Americans are curious about foreigners and want to learn about how they live and speak.
     My background of living in two different countries and learning two very different lifestyles has led me to be able to sympathize other foreigner’s problems and actions. I am able to listen to them without passing judgment because I have had the experience of other cultures. The actions I will take during my years at SU is listening to foreigner’s problems and trying to help them deal with and adapt with the American culture.

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