Friday, October 31, 2014

Adjusting to Different Cultures - Rita Gelman Discussion

Rita used examples such as the way we dress, and communicate are very different from our culture. In Italy we have different hairstyles and clothes that we wear which may seem odd to other cultures, along with our pitch levels when we talk for example it might seem like we’re mad at each other by our tone but it’s probably just to help get our point across.
Some barriers Rita had to overcome on her travels were trying to communicate, and connect with the people around her. She would accomplish this by doing things that they did like work on the farms at the villages, and dress the way they did to make the others feel comfortable with her. My experience of being grown up with two different cultures doesn’t give me to many barriers to connect with other cultures, but to overcome them you have to be able to understand them first. If you don’t want to travel far or a lot there are plenty of different cultures all around us in America, we have visitors from all countries which when made companionship with you can learn their lifestyle and culture.
To engage with the community around her, Rita used the method of going along with their lifestyle and doing the things the others liked to do to connect with them by spending time with them and learning how they act. When trying to interact with a person that doesn’t speak your language following the methods that Rita used will surely help you connect. My culture has plenty of interesting things but the most interesting would be the large quantities of meals Italians eat throughout the day.

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